Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Any Birthday party decor/theme idea's for a 3 year old anybody? Well, I need some pretty please!!!

This is what you can do:

1. comment your idea

2. tell me about any cute party decor/theme blogs

3. just put it together and tell us when to show up (ha kidding, kidding)

4. anything will help (i'm just stumped and it's getting here fast)

Do you need party decor ideas for yourself?

Well... keep posted and I'll try to help you out with what I came up with in the past and blogs I found helpful.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Need a cute way to personalize your kids room?

Well, I'm in the process "ok....been in the process for awhile" of changing my girls room from Baby Room to Lil Girls Room. I wanted something cute but different from the wooden letters hanging by pretty lil ribbon. Didn't want anything to paint so I thought "vinyl" lettering once again from your local sign shop "Lone Star Signs & Graphics". I had something in mind, told them what I wanted and so here it is!!!!



NOTHING BUT CUTENESS (not sure if that's a word ha!)

If I ever get this room done I will post all the pics.

I think the most exciting part was the personalization on the wall, it just made the room!!!

Simple, sweet and it's not too grown up for my lil girls room and that's what I like!

See you soon, we will be posting some more pics of a HOT MAMA MAKEOVER. click my button upper right and mess. me if your interested pretty please!!!!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Well, here is a sneak peek of what it is.

I was lucky enough to shoot this makeover and had such a great time. Thanks ladies!!!



I bet you want one now, right? Well you can see more makeovers by clicking my HOT MAMA MAKEOVER button on the upper right or visit Buffy at

Message me if you are interested.

Enjoy the makeovers ladies!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hey blogger friends. Hope you remember me. All I can say is "LIFE".

Since Christmas so much has happened and so much going on.

(many laughs, many tears, many MEMORIES and opportunities)

My dad asked me the other day "why don't you blog anymore?" Well, he didn't agree with my answer & he's right. So here I am.

This is something my mom and dad made me for my Christmas gift.

(remember long ago I said the best gifts are the ones people make for you)

This is a personalized, beautiful, and cheap gift that would be great for birthdays, anniversary, fathers day, wedding gift, ect. . Oh, did I mention cheap & cute!!!!

All you need is:

One tile any size you like (lowes, home depot around $2.50)

Platter/plate hanger (lowes $3)-if you want to hang on wall

Vinyl lettering (Lone Star Signs & Graphics $15) or your local sign shop

I wanted mine setting on my table so I just used a frame stand.

(double click pic to enlarge)

Keep posted and I'll show you how I personalized the girls room!!!!!

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