Monday, May 9, 2011


Hey blogger friends. Hope you remember me. All I can say is "LIFE".

Since Christmas so much has happened and so much going on.

(many laughs, many tears, many MEMORIES and opportunities)

My dad asked me the other day "why don't you blog anymore?" Well, he didn't agree with my answer & he's right. So here I am.

This is something my mom and dad made me for my Christmas gift.

(remember long ago I said the best gifts are the ones people make for you)

This is a personalized, beautiful, and cheap gift that would be great for birthdays, anniversary, fathers day, wedding gift, ect. . Oh, did I mention cheap & cute!!!!

All you need is:

One tile any size you like (lowes, home depot around $2.50)

Platter/plate hanger (lowes $3)-if you want to hang on wall

Vinyl lettering (Lone Star Signs & Graphics $15) or your local sign shop

I wanted mine setting on my table so I just used a frame stand.

(double click pic to enlarge)

Keep posted and I'll show you how I personalized the girls room!!!!!

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  1. So glad your back to blogging! Love that tile! Can't wait to see what you did to the girls room!